You win when your friends win

Think of a close friend of yours. What's their name?

Now, imagine that your friend sets up a business tomorrow. That business grows immediately and rapidly. Within 3 years, your friend is a billionaire.

How do you feel about that? Would part of you feel some discomfort at the idea that your friend is suddenly much more financially successful than you?

If not, congratulations. I suggest stopping reading now.

If yes, then continue. I'm calling this feeling of discomfort “peer anxiety”.

Peer anxiety is natural, but counterproductive and illogical. It's natural because we naturally think of the world as zero-sum. We think that there are a limited number of:

This is wrong. The world is not zero-sum. Neither is it a pie. Our global economy and resources and opportunities are essentially unlimited and continually growing.

So, you are not competing with your friend for a limited number of resources.

Instead, my key point is: your friend's success benefits you massively. The more successful they become, the more successful that you are likely to be.

This is because you can help each other. If your friend becomes a billionaire by building a business, the skills that they have learnt to do that are extremely valuable, and they can guide you – accelerating your development.

There are an overwhelming number of benefits to you generally of your friends being massively successful. Considering just the economics, by creating a lot of value, your friend has demonstrated their ability to the market. This means that they can access capital easily as a result – they have proven that they can create wealth. Assuming that you're talented, your friend can vouch for you, using their reputation to advance your progress.

This applies generally. Imagine the amount that your close friends: Bryan Johnson, Chuck Schumer, Shohei Otani, Alex Hormozi,

could accelerate your development in tech and longevity, politics, baseball, and marketing.

You want your friends to win as much as possible. If your friends win, you win.