Tom Dekan

Have you ever wondered what your limits are?

You might be working or training hard. But how much more effort could you put in? How much further could you go?

I wonder about that question.

Three days ago, I discovered an answer for me: 16 laps underwater.

I passed my limit after I touched the wall, asked “how far did I go?”, and heard an answer from a friend.

She then watched as my head tipped backwards, downwards into the water.


The amateur produces when he feels like it.

As a diligent person, he might have produced a list of potential things to write about. He'll look at this list when he fancies writing.

But when he fancies writing, if the potential writing topics on the list are unexciting, he'll probably leave writing to later.


“Don't rule out your offer until you've made it at least 100 times” – Alex Hormozi

When you’re creating a new business, you must avoid giving up when you're in the no man's land of effort.

This is when you’ve put in lots of effort and time, but not enough to see any results.


One close friend of mine is often stopped by charity salespeople when walking around his town.

As human adverts, these charity salespeople are much more mentally costly than most online ads. Rejecting a real human, particularly in the guise of helping others, is much more emotionally costly than ignoring a banner ad.

My friend pays for a premium experience walking around his town. To avoid the mental cost of rejecting these salespeople, and instead feel a positive, my friend donates to all of them.

When he is then approached, he simply and honestly tells these people that he already donates to the charity that they are selling. He glides past frictionlessly and happily.

Think of a close friend of yours. What's their name?

Now, imagine that your friend sets up a business tomorrow. That business grows immediately and rapidly. Within 3 years, your friend is a billionaire.

How do you feel about that? Would part of you feel some discomfort at the idea that your friend is suddenly much more financially successful than you?


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